Monday, February 16, 2009

First Post

I should be doing my Curriculum Project right now but I just cant get into it. Its 2am and I am probably going to get up at 6am so I can work on it some more. Its due at midnight but me and my boyfriend are suppose to be celebrating our Valentines Day. We both worked Saturday and didn't want to fight the crowds. Horrible.
I am working at Circuit City, for the time being. It closes in 29 days- and counting. I am personally counting down the days to my freedom. I really hate it for the 35,000 people who are loosing their jobs and their retirement. My heart truly bleeds for them, but I feel like I wouldn't have gotten out any other way. It was suppose to be a job to help me pay my way through college. Then when I graduated I counted down the days till I could walk across that stage and right into another job or career! HA... Talk about a HUGE disappointment! That was May 2006.
Needless to say I am back in school, working on getting my licensure in teaching. I cant wait till I can teach those little ones. Elementary Education is what I am pursuing now. We will see if this becomes yet another expensive accomplishment that seems to have no use.
One more thing before I hit the sack... I am not sure why I started this blog or why I even searched for it on google tonight. I felt compelled to do so. Here it is, in all its glory. Read, comment, do whatever it is you do.
About to hit the sack. Long day tomorrow.

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