Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can." ~Danny Kaye

     Today was an eventful day. We got Directv installed and I didn't even have to call and hassle them about why they were late or when they were coming and it felt GREAT! Unlike the issues I had with Century Link, Directv called me at 7:30am (Yes, a little early- especially since me and Tiff didn't get back from watching The Help till Late) to tell me they would be at our house right at 8am! I was impressed. Not only did they call to announce themselves but they were on time with what we were scheduled 2 1/2 weeks ago! Century Link missed an appointment on one day and was almost 2 hours late to the second one. (Calling ahead would behoove them.)
     Of course I was excited for internet (which we got last week) because were not living in the dark ages anymore! Dustin, on the other hand has been DYING for cable. He has been EXTREMELY excited about the NFL package we got because not he can watch football 24/7. (God help me!) Luckily we have more than one TV and room in our house! LOL This was Dustin as we were given the instructions to the remote.
     As you can see- he is ridiculously excited! You can imagine what he did for the next few hours! I can honestly say that I am excited we got cable now too because I was sick and tired of watching movies. For example, yesterday we watched "Into the Wild" which was a great movie by the way. Then we watched "Priest" (another good movie...kinda) . THHHHEEEENNN we watched ANOTHER movie "Dylan Dog"... which I didn't like at all. I know it was trying to spoof zombie movies but I didn't find it funny. If those movies weren't enough I went to see "The Help" with my Best Friend Tiffany. It was an amazing movie, as was the book.
     Speaking of books. I have read 56 this year! Moving right along... but I need to get as serious as I was before on it! I have kinda been lacking on reading as much as I used to. (Probably because I have other distractions like internet! And Facebook, and games, and True Blood on DVD.)
     After Dustin was fed up of watching TV for a few hours we went on a date... only dinner but that's more than what we have done since we moved down here. Next time I will talk him into going to Destin to go to watch a live band play. We went to Chili's and colored while we ate. Service was good but we were surrounded by kids (which I don't have a problem with) but these kids were bad. The parents spanked the kid at the table twice in which the kid started screaming BLOODY MURDER, twice! And the kid was just obnoxious. Everyone in the restaurant was staring at them, I kinda felt bad for them. But while we ate and talked we colored these and in turn donated to St. Judes Hospital.
Here is my Chili...
And here is Dustin's, of course his is better! He is way better in the art stuff. He even has the St. Jude symbol.

On the way home tonight the sun was setting and it was gorgeous. I took it with my crappy phone camera so it doesn't look nearly as nice as it did in person but you get the idea!
     All in all, I love Florida. I am so glad we moved down here. Things are coming together for us. House is coming together nicely and I must say that I LOVE living on my own! The weather is getting cooler so it is SO BEAUTIFUL here. Seeing the bear occasionally is a little frightening but its okay. Living 6 minutes from my best friend and my niece and nephews is GREAT! I love the Friday game nights we have. I love seeing the kids grow up and being a part of their daily lives.  Looking forward to several FUN years to come!

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