Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"From small beginnings come great things.”

That is a quote I found from an old Proverb. Long time no entry... I have been super busy. As you know I am working 2 jobs... it takes a lot out of a girl!

Since the last entry I have become Kelani Karnes.... I got married!! (My initials are now KKK- way to go Keva and Mike {my parents} ) Dustin and I decided to do the courthouse thing so when we move to Florida next month we are already married. Then next year we plan on having our wedding! I am soooo excited about that. Getting married hasn't really changed anything. I was just starting to get used to calling him my fiance... and now it has changed to husband :-D I am excited, clearly. However, I am NOT looking forward to the hassle of changing my name and all the documents I have to get.

As of today, there are 12 1/2 days till school gets out for SUMMER Break. I am STOKED! Probably more than all my kids together!

Also, in this last month or so I have had an epiphany... I recently had a friend tell me she is ill... not sure what is going on or why and I realized. I have my health, that is the GREATEST gift anyone can have. So I need to do my best and keep and make myself healthier. On to a better and more improved me! :-)

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