Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We're in FLORIDA!

OK. So I know it has been awhile since I have posted BUT we're living in the dark ages with NO FREAKING internet. It is horrible, I definitely do NOT recommend it, at all.

We are getting settled into our 2 bedroom/1 bathroom apartment nicely. I like it a lot! I REALLY love having my own place to come home to and do whatever it is that I want. It was a long time coming- moving out of my mom's house. Things are coming together- we got a couch and loveseat for $80. We got a FREE washer and dryer! We get stuff little by little with each paycheck! We are planning to get cable and internet after rent is due next week. :-D

Dustin and I both have jobs. He is working at a restaurant and is already training to get into management. I am working at a gas station where paychecks are hard to come by and hours get lessened by the week. I am hoping to hear something back from a teaching job SOON. I am not holding my breath but it would make everything a lot better. Over these last couple of weeks I have learned that I REALLY want to teach. I thought I would be OK with just waiting a year or so but I'm NOT! Teaching is what I am suppose to do, at least I feel like that's where God wants me to be. It is an act of Congress down here to do anything with teaching.... more so than North Cakalak. It is AMAZING to me how they need teachers but they make "highly qualified" ones jump through hoops and swim across the Atlantic Ocean....

I am very thankful to the Falletta's for helping us out with everything. They let us stay in their house while we got jobs and looked for apartments, helped us find jobs and apartments, gave us the lay of the town, delivered our furniture and been our friends through it all! Thanks Brandon, Tiffany, Aiden, Sophia and Carter :-D Love you all!

Well just wanted to update quickly... got to get back to searching for a job.

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