Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sometimes things must fall apart for other things to fall into place.

These last few weeks I have been praying like CRAZY! And I must admit, I feel closer to God than I ever have! It is a great feeling. I have been praying for friends,  family and even the people I am not too fond of and it gets easier. The people I used to have a hard time saying prayers for- it no longer leaves a bitter taste on my tongue. I feel like that is an accomplishment!

Several other things have been in the works for me as well.
I have completed ALL my substitute paperwork and actually subbed 2 days last week, would of been 3 but more on that later! I HOPE I will receive more calls this week. This is how it started: On Monday, January 23- I got a phone call at 6:30 in the morning. As you know I work 15 hours on Sundays and I was planning on sleeping in and enjoying my day off. But when that phone rang and I accepted that job I had energy like no tomorrow! I literally had 45 minutes to drop Dustin off at work, come home, shower and get to the school. I made it! That day I taught music at an Elementary School. It was amazing to get back in the schools again! I LOVE teaching and I love those little kids! I do have to say THANK GOD I took band or I would have been screwed! I taught the recorder, played rhythm bingo, taught a new song and played xylophone! None of this would have been possible without Mr. Thomas, Mr. Kuzero, and Mr. Washburn! LOL I had a blast!

Then on Tuesday, January 24- I was prepared to go into Pyramid  but I got a phone call at 8:00am. I was SOOOOO excited. So I let Pyramid know that I wasn't coming in and told them I would explain later. The job I got called in for was 3rd grade at a Ballet School. And I am not going to lie when I heard this I freaked a little and thought to myself- "Self, as long as you are not teaching Ballet you are good to go!" This ended up being a fantastic day! I had huge breaks because the students went to French for a while, then went to Ballet and lunch. After lunch we came back and did math, reading and social studies. It was great! I love the 3rd grade curriculum. I didn't get a call on Wednesday and Thursday and was super sad about that. Then Thursday night I got a phone call from Pyramid asking me to drive the van Friday morning and to decline a job if I got a sub call. I said I would because they said I would be driving then put in the art room. I got a call an hour later from the school I interviewed at and the Principal personally put me on the sub list. So when I had to decline it it hurt my heart. Then as I am driving the van the next morning I got another call. Then on top of all this!!!! I get put in a DIFFERENT classroom. One with several behaviors. This made me mad at first because I was like, "I missed out on teaching jobs for THIS!??" But I realized as I thought more about it and the day progressed that THIS is what God is teaching me. I felt like he was telling me to no longer LET people walk all over me and that it was MY time to do what I wanted. I needed to "DO ME" in a sense and stop putting my needs/wants on the back burner. I want to teach and that is what I plan on doing!!

I look forward to the up coming weeks and jobs I get. I just hope I didnt ruin my chances of getting more substituting jobs because I declined two this week!


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