Monday, April 16, 2012

Well, well, well.... a little fed up.

OK. So I guess I have finally come to my breaking point. I am fed up with being fat. If you saw me in high school compared to now you'd think, "DAMN, what the hell happened?" I have amazing friends and family (most) who have not said anything about my weight. People that have loved me no matter what. Thank you! However, today as I looked in the mirror I really did not recognize myself. I thought.... how could you let yourself go the way you did. And in response I have several excuses, many reasons but none that are acceptable. When I say I am fed up, I mean it.

I have requested for a 7 day trial at a gym to hold me over until after Dustin's parents trip down here. (We want to save money for when they are down here!) But when they leave I WILL get a membership. I need/want it!

I want to have babies but cannot at this weight. I want to have a new wardrobe and not be hot all day, every day. I want to feel confident. I want to be comfortable in a bathing suit ESPECIALLY because I live in FLORIDA for crying out loud!

On this note... I am getting started. I have started eating healthy the last week or so but it is time to buckle down. I am going to post a pic next time of me that day and share my updates and goals with you. As if you care. No one reads this anyway! LOL I have 2 "followers" and no comments on any post! So I KNOW no one really reads this. At least it will be a motivator/daily reminder for me.

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