Friday, July 26, 2013

God speaks in His own time!

Yesterday was an amazing day for me! I feel like I heard God speak to me! I know y'all are thinking "Yea right!" But I did, and I know I did. I heard Him to tell me to, "Be patient." I was driving Dustin to work and someone cut me off and I got a little frustrated. All of a sudden I heard the words, "Be Patient" in my head! But I felt there was more to it than that... meaning be patient, I got something great in store for you. Right after that I saw a dragonfly fly right in front of my car. I couldn't help but smile. Those of you who know me, know the significance of dragonflies to me. Right after that I called AND GOT THROUGH  the radio station Highway 98 and qualified for a pontoon rental and a concert in Tampa.I have been trying since last Friday!!! The rest of my day was great!

Let me back up by saying I prayed really hard and longer than normal that morning. Wednesday was a rough day for me. I was sad, upset, frustrated and feeling down all day long. When I woke up yesterday I did not want to feel that way so I prayed long and hard for all my friends and family who are struggling and who weren't, for me and my mood, for my patience to be better, etc. I feel like the Lord delivered when he knew I needed it most. If I wouldn't have been listening I would have missed it! I am soooooo glad I didn't!

Praising God for everything! Thank you Jesus!

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