Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yesterday's Natural Disaster

As you all know we had several tornadoes touch down in North Carolina yesterday. Last time I checked there was a total of 62 confirmed to have touched down. One came though our neighborhood, right down our street. I will be putting up several pictures for you to see. I have to say that I am thankful that my family nor any of the other families seem to be hurt. The houses seem pretty much in tact and we all have power. However, there is about a tree down in every yard on our end of the street. We have 2 down in our yard and we will have to replace the back fence. The debris on the ground is unbelievable.
I have been following the news with the other parts of Cumberland County and it is incredibly sad. I got a call from my principal saying that there were several families in our schools area that were affected by these tornadoes. I hope all my students and their families are well. There are other parts of the county that were not that lucky.... Yadkin Road, Ramsey Street area, Riley Road, Morganton Road. I am praying for the people who live in those areas because some neighborhoods have been flattened. The damage is breathtaking and will literally choke you up and bring tears to your eyes. Fort Bragg is closed down. Cumberland and Harnett Counties are operating on a 2 hour delay and there are 2 schools in the county that students and teachers will not be able to return to.
It just breaks my heart to see all this and for it to be so close to home. We hear about Tsunamis in Japan and Haiti, or Earthquakes around the world, we saw the coverage of Hurricane Katrina and it seems surreal because it is so far away and we do not physically see it. But we cannot deny what is in front of us. Natural Disasters can and do happen to all of us no matter who we are or where we might reside. We are not invincible! That being said, it brings me to my next point. One word. God! He was with each and everyone of us yesterday. So much more harm could have been done. I know God was in my house yesterday with my mom and sister and he was with me when I was working at the Kangaroo sitting on 4000 gallons of flammable gas and numerous cylinders of propane. There is no denying it.
So.... I challenge you.... to volunteer your time, energy, money (all are needed) to the people of our community, I know I will be! Just think, that could be your neighborhood we see on T.V. that is destroyed. It could be your family without a roof over their head, without anything to your name. Wouldn't you want help?

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